Thursday, 27 October 2016

Broomhill, Greenock

As said in last post, here are some images and writings about my time in Greenock.

The benches were already when I'd arrived the day before and the stone was sitting outside waiting patiently, luckily Karen had brought along a trolley. Got some of the stones into place with the trolley and a judicious use of palettes to raise them to a better level and then had some help lifting them onto the benches from our photographer, Chris.

Mornings were with the younger members of the community, unfortunately only one girl turned up on day 1 but she got the hang of the tools very quickly with the file being a favourite.

Afternoon, and the adults got their turn.
The first day was spent getting to know each other and teaching a little about how to use the tools. One of the group already worked with wood so had a bit of a head start with hammer and chisel.

Steps forming

These images show the progress of a couple of the students who had never used hammer and chisel, impressed me. This next one is from the only guy on the course. He had used woodworking tools previously. 

It was a great beginning and everyone left excited, even though I gave them a little homework which was to bring back images that they'd like to use on the stone. 

beginnings of the bell

After all had left, I got to work on one of the stones and started it's transformation into a bell.

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