Friday, 19 August 2011

today is ....

today is sunny, slightly breezy and a day I get some more work. whew!
glad about that as funds are a bit, or rather a lot too low.
Got some more work coming up too so feeling a little more relaxed.
At the same time, I'm desperate to get onto the next project but the circus pieces will have to take a back shelf until I have more of an idea what's happening with the summer brief.
In some ways I think I do have an idea what to do but hasn't gelled yet. More reading, sketching, playing.

Feel a fairly big piece or maybe 3 smaller,
3 being a symbolic number
that is appearing in my research.
Another sketchbook piece,
a few more bits to potter away at
on this page, as long as the pen
is making a mark, ideas will flow.
Or that seems to be what happens anyway.

today is.... random phone calls.
today is.... time for some music.

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