Thursday, 18 August 2011

sketchbook pages

this was the first of my dabbling with sketching my fiddle.
the orange/gold/red/yellow is extremely pleasing.. although the dark blue later is opposite.. maybe getting all balanced..... yin/yang.
then we move.... I like the shadows showing on the body of the instrument.

very rough but I like it, especially the scraped bits. Not sure if anyone else will see the fiddle , but I do....I then pressed some tissue paper onto the wet paint and transposed it beside the painted image... liking that bit. There and not there.

Then it moved to lines... I drew the contour of the fiddle body side and followed with 4 more lines to show the 5 lines of the stave in music. This is beginning to get somewhere, I hope.

I then drew outlines of the trees outside my window and repeated the 5 line stave fiddle body contour. Quite liking the dark tissue paper too.

From here, I'm not sure where to go , more experimentation required.
For another day though.

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