Tuesday, 16 August 2011

photos of exhibition

ok.. photos!

Back again after preparing for our exhibition and feeling much less anxious. The day went very well, quite a few folk didn't appear but we were pleased.
A photographer from the Forfar Gazette turned up and our mugshots are getting in the paper.
Felt daft doing it but needs must. One of the best things is that now we've had our first private view we'll never have to have the first one again... Hurray for that.
was shown how to do my camera's panoramic shot..

From here the images are of my work.

'Seeing Kelvingrove'

'High Balance'

'He Dances' & 'She Dances'

'Trafalgar I' & 'Tafalgar II'

Here are some of my lovely family viewing part of the exhibition.

I'm off tomorrow to sit there and hopefully speak to some viewers and maybe....
sell a painting. (positive thinking).
Taking my sketchbook and research book to do more of my summer brief.

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