Wednesday, 24 August 2011

discipline is the key

Well to a certain extent anyway.
I'm trying to discipline myself to get in that art room and do something everyday. It seems to be working although I'm also getting very good at coming up with procrastination reasons.
One of them being writing this blog... ho hum!
Made a birthday card yesterday which was lovely to do and today I'm off to work somewhere else.
This is also good but resolve to be creative between jobs today.... I'm on 10am til 1pm then 6pm til 10.30pm so that leaves a little while.
A piece with 4 portraits in it is my plan today, it's been sitting for too long and I'm a little scared of tackling it although I bet I'l love it when I get into it. It's all pencil from a photo.
photos will be uploaded to prove I'm doing it.
This summer brief has so many tentacled ideas that I probably have enough projects for ages to come.
Right... off to do a little on these portraits.

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