Thursday, 11 August 2011

claeaning day..

This morning..and I mean early, at 3.23, woke up and had to paint in my sketchbook, then a cup of tea and a wee read of the book. What a lovely morning... and of course back to sleep til a decent hour occurred.

Cleaning day today, definately.
I went round to pick up Sharon's artwork so I can take it to Montrose on sat then came home and cleaned, cleaned and then some more cleaning.
There's a special man arriving tomorrow which probably had a lot to do with the tidy.
Moved furniture around and feel really good about it all.

Been doing some drawing for the summer brief or is that 'the brief summer' ..ok it' not that funny I know but made me chuckle.
Fiddle parts, so many curves and random ideas to evolve.
I've still no idea what direction the brief will take me, seem to have lost track for a bit.
Too much information, a vast amount of possibilities and a slightly befuddled brain. I feel drawn to the earth(gaia), the wicca and the land artists. I believe balance is needed, but not sure how to convey that.
The road trip, hmm, there are physical trips and mental journeys both of which have equal merit. The nostalgia part, I feel is a running back to a safe place, where the modern world is just too overwhelming. Or just holding on to important parts of our culture that have been overlooked or just tossed aside in favour of 'progress'. The erroneous thought that old is bad and new is good.

ok... whew! I feel the load lightening being rid of those thoughts.

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