Monday, 1 May 2017

Week 7

This week I was so tired from the day before that I tried to keep things simple and not try to do too much. 3 Students today, Rhia wasn't feeling her best so had opted out of the carving, choosing to keep things going in the Art Flat.

I'd already been out that morning to move the heras fencing that someone keeps shifting. All good and then when we all went out - someone had bent the fence?!!!

They'd obviously been in, moved one of the benches and then got annoyed with the fence. Granted it was extremely windy but the wind did not do that.
To clarify, the other fence is the gate in and out of the underground garage, the door still opens past the width of the entrance and can be fixed open. Someone is apparently super annoyed but not enough that they could speak to us about it.... quite upsetting really.

slightly less bent
I moved the stone and hammered out the bend but still not right.

Apart from that, the class went well.
Alison's tree is looking tree-mendous...
and Mike began a new piece.

new work
Unfortunately, the sandstone was extremely dense and hard to work so I got Mike to move on and start on another stone.

The wind made me unsettled and the unknown aggressor didn't help.
Really pleased with all the work.

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