Sunday, 14 May 2017

Penultimate week - No. 9

Another new student today. Running out of stone of a usable size as I haven't had time to split anymore or, in fact, move any. The sizes left are very large. Luckily there was a smallish piece that had been knocked off Rhia's block.

Meet Daniel, he just came for the 1st session but quick to learn.

Daniel beginning
Daniel concentrating

A full class today so I didn't get much time for my own piece of sculpture, although I got to do a little helping out here and there.

the boar

Mike finished his boar and I must say it's looking fabulous.
(I was pulled up for not being effusive with my compliments. Old habits die hard. I tend to use tone of voice rather than describing words to show my admiration - for the rest of the lesson I tried lots of different words)

Jim's new face
The new face

I'm really impressed with everyone and how they've learnt - I hardly ever have to correct tool usage.
So here are the hands at work....




Daniel was happy with his final piece, a take on ancient cave paintings. He had great control of the tools.

All in all a very lovely days teaching. Well done everyone.

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