Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fife Coastal Trail

Anstruther to Crail.
My second walk, another short walk as I always seem to have somewhere else to be, something I want to change.

The day wasn't so sunny but it was a much needed break away from the rest of my life. The forms, colour and movement inherent in the coastline and the rocks was utterly beautiful. Yes, I am realising that I'm becoming a bit of a nerd to do with rocks and stone.

Images say it all, so...

out to sea

And now a few of my favourite images... rocks!

Difficult to believe that this is naturally made, but I love it.

These colours are completely free from manipulation.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Last Week - No. 10

It has arrived... the last day of the stone carving and I feel a little sad, but so very proud of all the students. Their commitment and hard work has really paid off.
The finishing stages and I get to go around picking out all those wee bits that make all the difference to the piece.

The finishing touches of a project can take almost longer than the main bulk of stone removal but we didn't have the time.
I did a little smoothing off the flat plains for a few people, just to move it along so they could get to the best bits.

Here they are:

Jim's piece
Mike's piece
Monica's piece

Mary's piece

Alice's piece
Alice's piece

This piece is a two sided sculpture, the owl and the tree are on the same stone.

Angela's piece
Angela's piece

Another two sided sculpture, Laurel and Hardy.

Mike's boar

Mike's tree of life

Rhia's wave form

Rhia's clam shell

The reason all this was possible is because of RIG Arts, and their Broomhill Project, community arts and heritage in Greenock.
Here is a link to their website with the final stone carving workshop post.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Penultimate week - No. 9

Another new student today. Running out of stone of a usable size as I haven't had time to split anymore or, in fact, move any. The sizes left are very large. Luckily there was a smallish piece that had been knocked off Rhia's block.

Meet Daniel, he just came for the 1st session but quick to learn.

Daniel beginning
Daniel concentrating

A full class today so I didn't get much time for my own piece of sculpture, although I got to do a little helping out here and there.

the boar

Mike finished his boar and I must say it's looking fabulous.
(I was pulled up for not being effusive with my compliments. Old habits die hard. I tend to use tone of voice rather than describing words to show my admiration - for the rest of the lesson I tried lots of different words)

Jim's new face
The new face

I'm really impressed with everyone and how they've learnt - I hardly ever have to correct tool usage.
So here are the hands at work....




Daniel was happy with his final piece, a take on ancient cave paintings. He had great control of the tools.

All in all a very lovely days teaching. Well done everyone.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

8th week already!

Only two more weeks after today!

I was a little apprehensive to head out to the workshop, wondering if anymore fences would be bent or some other thing done, but all good....whew.

New student today, yeah!
Meet Mary.

1st time at carving and she was great. A sun is beginning to shine from her stone.

Jim on a new piece
Angela working on Laurel

the fellas!

Aren't they smashing?

Another new student this afternoon - Angela's sister Monica arrived to work with the stone.


Monica again

Here's Mike's 2nd sculpture so far.
'Broomy's Boar'

Mary's Sun

Laurel & Hardy