Sunday, 23 April 2017

Week 6 at Broomhill

We have a new student today!      Really pleased.

This week the stone splitting did happen, surprises all round as to the small tools that effect such a change in something usually thought of as solid and uneasily broken.

A quick drilling of 4 holes and then the feathers and wedge inserted. The length is just over 10cm and the rubber band just holds everything in place although other varieties don't have that.

Feathers and wedge

And introducing my new student, Sharon.

The ladies

Last week the guys were here and this week all ladies and no guys.
Alice's owl is now having a wee rest on the sandbags and the other side is coming into play. The red of the original paint from the flats is showing and she is keeping as much of that as possible. A tree is now being formed on this side.

Oak tree

Next week is building up to being a full house... bring it on!

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