Sunday, 26 March 2017

2nd week at Broomhill

Looking forward to beginning today but also wondering how many people will turn up because of course it's Mother's Day too.

As it happened, there were 3 students and so I decided to start on a piece myself which will go to the community garden.

Mike at work

Having a wee chat while Mike progresses with his head. The style he's chosen is ancient with minimal depth of features, although there is still a fair amount of stone to be removed.

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of sunshine is a practice piece that I have set out for students to just have a go without worrying about keeping to a plan. Although I really like how it looks.
And the Owl is by Alice, who's never tried this before and Dawn, who worked on an amazing Aztec style piece last year. They decided that the stone suggested an owl to the so that's what they've gone for. This image is at the end of the day.

..... and my own beginning.

The design is to represent sugar cane bound by ropes with a weaver's knot and a sailor's knot.

A good week with a fair amount of progress.

Check out further updates from  RIG Arts about the workshops.

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