Monday, 10 October 2016

Saturday - the last day.

Saturday, and feeling a little blue, will miss this.

The usual morning routine but this time I also packed and took stuff to the car - thought I'd remembered everything but of course, forgot the few things I had in the small fridge in studio 2 where I've been chilling' and blogging in the evenings. Ah well, never mind.

Up the hill and straight into .... oops, forgot my glasses!
Back down the hill, drove up, and then straight into cutting, finished that 'B' of mine. I feel a sense of accomplishment because it's looking ok and I can also see where to improve which makes me realise how much I've achieved.

Here it is in all its glory. Difficult to tell the size from the photo but it is in fact 10cm high.

Moving on - now to do an 'E'.

Thins first and watching the angle

Excitement is the sentiment at the moment and more confidence as I scratch and chop away the sandstone.  Robbie remembered that he'd offered a chance to cut letters into limestone as there are a few pieces here. I jumped at the chance, Lara too.

Quite a different stone altogether. The noise when cutting is like porcelain in a strange way, and a  metallic type of sound. It is a lot softer so having to take much more care.

nearly finished

Talking about taking care - I broke through on the inner apex of the 'A'. After that I made doubly sure I cut straight and chased thoroughly so it wasn't as obvious. (it worked)

Had to have a flourish to end the cutting for the week. Enjoyed it a lot.


Food great!

During the morning, the guys upstairs drawing had had a chat and thought it was a good idea to get Robbie a little thank you in liquid form. Tim went off to do that. 
After lunch, the usual chat was had and then a wee presentation of the malt. Tim had also had a great idea of buying 8 erasers,  which we all put our names on, something to remember us by. Plus there is a lot of rubbing out.

Robbie was tickled with the erasers and chuffed with the whisky.

Back up the hill one last time.

Decided to spend the last of my time drawing out the words I want on the other side of the stone.
No tracing the letters to make it easier to learn the spacing, all my own work apart from I had Robbie's sheet of letters to consult.

Gail, David and another lady from Cromarty Arts Trust came up to see how we were getting on,

We got a certificate!

There was also fizzy or orange juice - most of us were driving so juice it was.
Photos were taken, wee speeches and then it was all over.

Before leaving I got the stone in the car.
Things like this always end strangely, everyone disappearing off back home and knowing that there will be no letter cutting tomorrow. ( got to get my act into gear and sort out an easel for the stone )

Feeling quite sad as I drove off. Will definitely be back to Cromarty though.

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