Sunday, 30 October 2016

Moving the stones

After getting everything going yesterday we have discovered that we were put in the wrong place.
So it's all change, luckily Rebecca was here to help me lift the stones up and down. The benches weren't too difficult to move, just unwieldy.

No young ones turned up for the morning lesson which was a bit of a shame but also really useful.
Heras fencing was put up for us by a very nice as well as helpful man, and we covered it in tarps to prevent the stone pieces flying out of our compound.

our sculpture compound

Move over and this site is much better, for light and the fact that we can be seen by passers by. The idea is to get the community interested in the project because it's about their area, Broomhill.

The ideas that appeared this morning from the homework I set yesterday are inspiring. I really enjoyed hearing the stories from everyone about this area, where their parents/grandparents had worked, what it was like, and who had actually lived in the flats that are being demolished.

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