Monday, 3 October 2016

Cromarty... the journey there.

On the way to Cromarty, Black Isle, Scotland. Not too far from my home but far enough to make it into a wee adventure. I took the scenic route and was very glad I did.

Taking full advantage of having to drive to Cromarty by taking the small roads, winding through the tunnels of trees, road speckled with sunlight. The trees just beginning to yellow, Autumn is on its way but the sun is still full.

From Dundee, through Coupar Angus and past Blairgowrie. Then Bridge of Cally and the roads get smaller - the view gets wider and the traffic is most certainly less. Ballintuim is now behind me and time for a stop.

The photo above is taken from my lunch spot. During the journey there have been some beautiful shots that I wanted to take but nowhere safe to stop. Ah well, just had to enjoy the driving and soak up the views of the Grampians spreading out before me to store in my organic memory instead of the mechanical and digital one in the camera.

It was good to stop. Smelling the air, only a slight wind to make a noise (when the traffic had gone of course) and a sense of calm. Then back on the road to Pitlochry.

Leaving Pitlochry and two young guys were hitching so I stopped, scrambled about moving stuff to make room in the car and off we went. Two students, I think just finished uni, from Germany and they had decided to travel by hitching and had made it from London in two days, which isn't bad.
Took them to Inverness.
Maths & Physics was a talker, Architecture not so much. Very interesting chat about politics/Brexit/Indy referendum/traveling/ and all the usual questions occurred: Where are you going?, Why?, and How long for?

It was good to help folks but was also glad of the quiet after I dropped them off.

Munlochy and the Black Isle Brewery (no, I didn't go in - but did think about it) behind me, I got stuck behind a slow slow car, nice to see the view but....  annoying after a few hours journey when I wanted to enjoy the last bit of the drive and get there.

Never been before so, new places, always something to spy out.
    -Got through Rosemarie and off on the hill down to Cromarty. Out to the left were oil rigs galore - well, about 6 or 7 - which is quite a lot in one area. Ships too.

More on next post.

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