Monday, 1 December 2014

twentysix all the way to thirty

It has been a busy few days but the portraits have been completed just not posted until now.


I think I look a little grumpy, and if I remember back to Thursday, I wasn't in the mood at all.


These shadows are getting interesting.


and softening for bit…….

…….but not long, a wee bit colour which has made me want to do a longer self-portrait in pastels.


I had initially intended to draw back into this,
then decided to leave it as is.

...… That's it, I have finished my portrait a day for November, and I've enjoyed it a lot, learnt a lot, in fact it's been a bit of a diary of my moods in some respects. I feel that I've hardly started going out of my comfort zone so I have decided to carry on into December at least until I go away to India and then it'll be all different.

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