Tuesday, 25 November 2014

twenty to twenty-five


Hmm, feel like I'm starting to push out
of my comfort zone now, although
I keep dipping back in.
Enjoying playing with the line like this and breaking up my face into pieces. Crazy paving/stained glass.


This is now another of my favourites, I do love line.


and another, ok, I did the last two on the same day, which was the 23rd as I was at work and no free time on 22nd.


I did have a different idea behind this one but it didn't really work.
Ah well, more experimentation then.
of course, I still felt that it needed the edge putting in.

Contained within.


And number twenty-five…. today I was feeling a little like this, head in a bit of a black cloud but after doing the portraits, am feeling much better.

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