Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I did say that I would be doing a self-portrait every day and of course I have posted nothing.
But.... I was doing the portraits so here we are from 1/11/14-11/11/14. Todays hasn't been done yet.
Before I post them please understand that there is no deliberate attempt to make them lovely as will be patently obvious. I fact the idea is to try different mediums and ideas.
I don't like them all but I did enjoy drawing something that doesn't have to be correct, or to the best of my ability, the concept is just to draw for its own sake as well as retrain my eyes back into looking.

Here they are:


This one was drawn by looking at myself but not the paper and its actually one of my favourite so far.

For No.2 I just grabbed whatever came to hand, ink and a yellow pen.


A little severe for No.3 but I like the lines.


Not a good day as you can see, the name Smeagol comes to mind.
It was definitely a low.


Moving on to No.5 and I'm beginning to relax and most certainly a better day.


Today I wasn't feeling well.... Hmm, can you tell?
Although I did also pick up an envelope with pastels in and this is all the colours I had.


I think I was a little annoyed with myself today. Burnt sienna ink,black pen and a little blue pencil.


Soluable ink pen and small paintbrush and water.
There's a little softening going on which I'm glad about.


No. 9 and all I used was a white pen. The paper is from an old sketchbook that I'd painted washes on. I like the effect so I think I'll use the rest of the sketchbook up.


Graphite stick is the medium this time, and I was
aiming for using straight lines completely which
is a favourite method of mine for helping me look


And now for No. 11, which surprised me.

Just painting in the shadows with a very watered down ink wash, I had intended to then draw into it but then decided to leave it.

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