Tuesday, 25 November 2014

twenty to twenty-five


Hmm, feel like I'm starting to push out
of my comfort zone now, although
I keep dipping back in.
Enjoying playing with the line like this and breaking up my face into pieces. Crazy paving/stained glass.


This is now another of my favourites, I do love line.


and another, ok, I did the last two on the same day, which was the 23rd as I was at work and no free time on 22nd.


I did have a different idea behind this one but it didn't really work.
Ah well, more experimentation then.
of course, I still felt that it needed the edge putting in.

Contained within.


And number twenty-five…. today I was feeling a little like this, head in a bit of a black cloud but after doing the portraits, am feeling much better.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

14 - 19

Yup, I've got a few more portraits to post.


playing with new pen,
water soluble.

Hmm, seem to be washing myself away a little with these ones. This one (15) was done without the aid of a mirror, amazing how much can be remembered.


oops, eyes really squint here.
I didn't spend a lot of time on this it must be


New inks to play with on the last two.
This one makes me smile. Generic face.
I wonder how much I can abstract and still have it recognisable as me?

Ok, truth be told, the last two were actually completed on the same day as the next (18), it was a busy weekend.


I wasn't really angry, just using
the old eyebrows to look up at mirror.

and, n n n nineteen. Love soluble pens.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Very happy today because my computer has been returned to me from the fixers…. whew!

So everything computer based is much easier hence the new self-portrait.


Another line drawing… yes I know… but I like them, and this has the added bonus of being done with my left hand.

Twelfth self-portrait

I did try to post this yesterday but for some reason the computer decided it couldn't see the jpeg, so her it is now.


This was just a 4b pencil but I do draw quite lightly, really enjoyed this one and I think I went a little over the half hour I allowed myself.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I did say that I would be doing a self-portrait every day and of course I have posted nothing.
But.... I was doing the portraits so here we are from 1/11/14-11/11/14. Todays hasn't been done yet.
Before I post them please understand that there is no deliberate attempt to make them lovely as will be patently obvious. I fact the idea is to try different mediums and ideas.
I don't like them all but I did enjoy drawing something that doesn't have to be correct, or to the best of my ability, the concept is just to draw for its own sake as well as retrain my eyes back into looking.

Here they are:


This one was drawn by looking at myself but not the paper and its actually one of my favourite so far.

For No.2 I just grabbed whatever came to hand, ink and a yellow pen.


A little severe for No.3 but I like the lines.


Not a good day as you can see, the name Smeagol comes to mind.
It was definitely a low.


Moving on to No.5 and I'm beginning to relax and most certainly a better day.


Today I wasn't feeling well.... Hmm, can you tell?
Although I did also pick up an envelope with pastels in and this is all the colours I had.


I think I was a little annoyed with myself today. Burnt sienna ink,black pen and a little blue pencil.


Soluable ink pen and small paintbrush and water.
There's a little softening going on which I'm glad about.


No. 9 and all I used was a white pen. The paper is from an old sketchbook that I'd painted washes on. I like the effect so I think I'll use the rest of the sketchbook up.


Graphite stick is the medium this time, and I was
aiming for using straight lines completely which
is a favourite method of mine for helping me look


And now for No. 11, which surprised me.

Just painting in the shadows with a very watered down ink wash, I had intended to then draw into it but then decided to leave it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Two months later

Yup, two months later and I'm back.
My computer just died AGAIN! so I thought this would be the best time to start posting more.
In fact I reckon it's time to contact Apple, most certainly not the best computer I've had.
When it's working I love it but I've had more trouble with it than any other.
The computer I'm on is at uni and looks like I'll be using it a lot more as essay time again.

Anyway, there will be (hopefully) self portraits being posted.
The rules I've given myself are to allow half an hour only and do a portrait every day for a month.
I have one done but not scanned in as yet, and looks like I'll have to do two today to get myself on a roll. Different mediums, basically whatever comes to hand first, so some weird portraits coming up.

January and February there should be much more interesting posts as I'm away to India with my mother.