Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 28

This is the day we fly out (Sat 30th Aug) and it feels very odd, I think it's going to take quite a bit to acclimatise on our return to Scotland.
I'm now writing this on Tues, haven't had my brain working since I got back.
spare cabling

The last visit to Ioana's and Ana's to pick up our glass icon paintings, quite emotional, hugs all round.

On the way there I remembered to photograph the telegraph pole that I'd been passing almost every day and had kept forgetting to photo.
All the telegraph poles are like this, I assume it's for when other buildings are built but I'm not entirely sure.

Reminds me a little of the wiring in India but that is much more haphazard and random. (I will be posting photos of that when I get out there in January 2015…..so watch this blog)

I've decided to leave my icon painting for a few reasons: It won't fit in my bag, I'm not really religious and it's quite nice to leave it behind for Monica. She might sell it to add funds for a project which I'm very pleased about.
We all went back to the corridor flat (mine and Vik's) and the girls helped us take everything up to their's.
From there, all those who'd finished packing (Me and Vik) went into town for some food, beer and enjoy the market. Was extremely pleasant and we got a little tipsy… oops.

Another picture I'd been meaning to get is the sign at a cafe/restaurant on the way to Piata Mare.

I'd love to have been able to get up close to it and have a proper look at the glass.

Medieval Festival still on and the big puppet was on it's feet in daylight. So much easier to photograph due to there not being really bright lights above its head.

we met up with Monica at around 7pm to go out to the airport. Really don't and do want to go.
Spent the usual hanging around airport time then we were boarded and off at 10.40pm.
Arrived in Luton airport about 11.30pm which was weird as the flight was over 2 hours, bags back quite quickly and taxi to the hotel.
Thanks to Vik for the bubbly that we had as a wee celebration before heading off our separate ways in the morning.

It has been an amazing experience, one where I'm not quite sure how much I've learnt as I'm still assimilating it all. Romania is definitely a place I'd return to.

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