Thursday, 28 August 2014

Twenty 6

Aughh! the days are disappearing fast.
Last day at glass painting and it went so fast, by 11 o'clock I was finished and I wasn't the first.
So here are the backs.
coloured piece

I have had a sneak preview of course but thought I'd make you all wait until tomorrow to get the full effect of the image.

After painting it was into town and we went for food, wandered a little, and bought the bits and pieces we hadn't before. Time is running out.
It's been a little cooler the last few days but today in town was hot enough.

In the square they're preparing for the Medieval Festival, starting tomorrow.

stalls happening
part of the carnival

Last full day and we get a medieval fair, how good is that.

This evening it's been hanging out together, eating, snacks, wee drinks and films.
Off to go and join in.

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