Monday, 18 August 2014


and on it goes……
a bit of a late-ish start this morning but we made up for it.
The beginning of glass icon painting. I did say at the beginning that I would explain this process in further detail later. This is later.
Glass icon painting is a very ancient tradition that was introduced to Transylvania after it's annexation to the Habsburg empire in 1699. The reason behind it's mass popularity is because of an episode (miraculous event) that occurred in Niculae (village in N Transylvania). In a local church on the 15th February 1694 (some scholars say 1699) tears were seen running down the face of the Blessed Virgin wooden icon, the village became transformed into a centre of pilgrimage because of this event. Where there are people there is often a demand, in this case it was for icon paintings which the pilgrims could take home.
In effect, tourist paintings, but most certainly of a different order.

Here are a few from our trip to the glass icon museum in Sibiul.

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this is quite a favourite

The museum is nearby a church which is also beautiful to see.

This is the largest collection of icon paintings. I found it very interesting to see the difference between the copies of the same image. These are not 'high art' but painted by normal people for themselves. Because of this there is a very naive style.

Anna and Ioana had prepared the space and the glass before we arrived so all we had to do was choose our image. This was, to be honest, quite difficult due to the religious nature of the images. (We only had a few to choose from). Although it was always going to be a little awkward. The point of the exercise is to learn the process which is fascinating even if it twists my brain somewhat.

just started

We practiced for a bit to find a pen we liked and to get used to wiping off the ink. Using dip pen and ink on glass is NOT easy. The paper is so that you can lean on something and not get greasy finger marks on the glass, which does make the ink go horrible.

Also, unless you are above the image it is really difficult to copy the lines because you keep seeing double. Aaugghhh!

Break time, and this is my wee work station. For those who know me, please notice my glasses which I hardly ever wear, I wore them all day.
Lunch over and back to it. Today we have to get the black ink done, let it dry and tomorrow we do the white.
more concentration

I didn't take many photos because it's difficult to take time out while concentrating so much. 

Sore on the brain.

There were a lot of growls during this process  and I found that just walking away and stretching helped release the frustration.

black done
This is how I left my piece, I will most certainly have to neaten up (scrape) some of the lines and maybe fill in others but I'm quite pleased so far. 
Not expecting miracles but of course I would like to be perfect straight away….. ha ha.

Off back to the flat and a wee rest, the girls came back because there is only internet at our place. Contact with the outside world complete, cooking. eating and bedtime.

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