Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ok… 24

This morning there was a bit of panic….. no milk, so no earl grey tea! Decision made, I was off and out the door in minutes, off to the shop and then, no milk. Well there was but it was in a machine. As someone else was there getting milk I found out the procedure, Pay for tokens and then get a plastic bottle and stick under the pipe (like getting a coffee from a machine) and press start. Sorted.

Yesterday’s travels to the country made me feel rejuvenated. Excited about starting our contemporary glass paintings. A quick stop to get the images printed and here we go. 

A couple of hours in and I’ve more or less finished the black ink.
design from paintings of Bernardo Neumann
houses in Piata Mica

After learning the technique with the icon painting it is definitely a little faster to do the next ones. An interesting procedure because I’m not exactly sure how this is going to turn out, but looking forward to it.

Vik and I decided to head off for our other exciting thing for today, going to visit the ‘head man’ again for some wee heads. A lovely man to chat to (very good English), he’s off to the biggest ceramic fair there is soon, which is held in Italy. 

two of my new heads
Ioana had shown us images from a previous exhibition he had that consisted of 5000 wee heads, this was in aid of the Hospice House of Hope. He also just opened another in Brasov yesterday. Busy man, and definitely deserves success.

previous exhibition
lots of heads
A little interlude for a cool beverage and back to the pink house to meet up with Monica and Martin again.

Ioana had printed out our certificates and everything was signed and stamped. Looking very official.

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