Thursday, 21 August 2014

N N N Nineteen

Can't believe how fast this week is disappearing, Thursday already and we've booked ourselves to do quite a few things in the next few days.
Today, my first glass icon painting was finished. Very happy with the result.

Here is a tantalising taste of what the image is like, can't turn it over til tomorrow so no photos until then.
It was so much fun to do the background as you could paint over everything else, no sticking to between the lines.

so Vik and I wandered into town, finished for the day before 12.
We got all our boarding passes printed out so we can now go home.
Images printed off to start our next glass painting and then lunch at aThe Pardon Cafe & Bistro, very civilised.

We visited a ceramics shop which has the art of Andrei Pandea in it, himself running the shop. Beautiful pieces.

After that it was a beer break at a small restaurant with a guy playing piano, typically as soon as we got sat down he stopped, ah well, it had been lovely to listen to as we'd walked by previously. Another positive of the restaurant was the view, looking out over the rooftops above the road leading up to Stairs Passage.

view from restaurant
another view

I do love the rooftops in Sibiu, the shape, different coloured tiles as if something living was growing over them. Also the higgledy piggledy nature of them, not laid out in a grid patterns and not all the same, so the shapes they make are incredibly interesting.

another view up the road to Stairs Passage. Lovely wee snippets of colour here and there.

It wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't another door.
Really like this one and it's not just the sculptures on either side but the wood as well.

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