Sunday, 24 August 2014

key to the door day…21

Late, lazy morning, lovely.
Off to town today to see an exhibition by Bernardo Federico Neumann of part of his collection, 'Abstraccion Surrealista'. Lots of colours coming up.

The exhibition was in the council tower just off Piata Mara and a very narrow, steep climb to get to it. The images were on the 1st and 2nd floors and were indeed incredibly vibrant, although probably more so if they'd been the originals. Interesting work nonetheless.

Bernardo Neumann
Bernardo Neumann

Not easy to take photos as you can see because of the glass and the lighting but gives a impression of what they were like.

After viewing the art it was up lots more stairs to get to the top of the tower.

door to 2nd floor

Tiny wee door, very narrow space but hand rail all the way up, which I was very glad of. As we got nearer the top the floors were smaller and the heat rose quickly, couldn't stay very long but the views were incredible.
roof view from top
Piata Mare

Another pic of the houses with eyes, I prefer the look of the older ones, possibly due to the differing tile colours.

Down again, and what a pleasure to feel cooler each descent of steps. Outside, beside the tower ,an arched tunnel(short) had a gorgeous breeze blowing through so we stood there for a while.
Went for a bite to eat next… my veggie lasagne wasn't veggie, not great and no time to get it sent back for another. Luckily, Megan does eat meat and we swopped, I got her tomato soup which was lovely. Off to meet our lift to the cheese and brandy festival. Not too far from Sibiu.

Amazing view of the mountains. The festival itself was quite small but had a good feel about it. We wandered a little, had some help from Ioana and Leonardo to find the brandy. Hadn't realised it would be in little plastic bottles……. so, a few tastes were had, prices checked and we got a wee bottle to have one night (with juice) between us all.

cheese stalls

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