Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day eleven

Another day of ….. wait for it… wait for it.

modeling and making

We're all getting faster at sewing and making those incredibly important decisions: what colour material will I use?, or how big do I want my nose? and many others equally worth deep discussion and debate.

Actually, funnies aside, we do discuss much of the creativity decisions with each other, even if we kind of know the answer already.

So much easier to work with others around you doing the same.

Today my 3rd mask was finished.
 here she is.
I must say that wearing them for the photos is incredibly hot and I can see how they would be excellent to wear on 31st Dec.

Today we had an extra treat because Anna showed us how to make a traditional recipe (we helped a little). It included aubergines, onions, home-made mayonnaise, seasoning of course and a lot of smushing of the barbecued aubergine. We had it with bread and tomatoes. Very tasty.

After our second lunch, I played around with a wee mask, lots of fun… I reckon it needs a big nose but we shall see.

The others all went off to the salt lakes (used to be a  salt mine but know filled with water and facilities provided) Looking forward to going there myself but was needing to do other things today.
I managed to get another key cut for the flat as well as a security thingamebob which lets you in the outer door. As well as a new pair of sunglasses and a new nose ring. I then went into the centre, had a seat in the square and wrote my postcards.
just a lovely door
In the places I've been in Romania there are lots of lovely doors. Here are a few of the ones I saw on my way to the Piata Mara.

wish I'd caught this earlier

wee door

Another shower was needed after I got home…… whew!

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