Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 9 or the start of week 2

Monday again, and we're all quite eager to get on with the masks. Here is mine towards the end of the morning.
The next job was deciding what type of hair or hat I wanted. Attaching the hair was one of the longest jobs so far. So much of it, all curly and difficult to sew on, but I persevered and quite pleased with the result.

It was a quiet day but we did plenty sewing.

The energy began to wain in the afternoon so we decided to check out the art shop near the Piata Mara.
A lovely stroll into town and Kyna dropped her broken sandal off at the cobblers.

This fountain intrigued me as it is very Charles Rennie Macintosh in design, quite lovely.

A wee walk to the stairs passage and the art shop we did find, some lovely colours but I have all I need at the moment.
After that it was time for a bite to eat, in the shade outside a hotel/restaurant in the square.
As before,  a great place to watch life going by while relaxing and absorbing the atmosphere.
One of the high spots for me was watching the kids playing in the fountain.

They were at it for ages, almost wished I'd gone and joined in, maybe next time.
We decided to stay in town and eat out at Pardon Cafe and Bistro…. very fine foods and gorgeous lemonade (with other fruits added).
A leisurely stroll back and readied ourselves for Tuesday.

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