Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 8

We've now been here over a week and I feel there is a settling into a kind of routine.
Every Sunday in Sibiu there is a flea market, basically a large car boot sale without the cars. I ended up going on my own because one of us decided to stay at home, and the others missed the bus I got. (If I'd had my phone I'd have met them later but, oops, left it behind)
So, a wee adventure on my own which I really enjoyed. Wasn't really in the mood for buying but wanted to see it. A lot of tat. A lot of 2nd hand clothes which if I could try stuff on and had room in my suitcase would be fantastic. I did buy a new leather belt and managed to haggle a little.
The gypsy women are so colourful, those dressed traditionally but many are also wearing western style clothes.

Decided to walk back, partly because I wasn't sure where the stop was for my bus.
Lovely walk and quite peaceful, a few interesting buildings, the eyes again.

Back towards the Piata Mara (Big Square) by way of the Piata Mica (Small Square) and the Pasajul Scarilor (Stairs Passage).

Heading up

Looking down

Got to Piata Mara and decided it was time to chill and eat, salad and chips with a lovely Romanian beer, a little sketch while I was sitting enjoying people watching. A mother walked past holding hands with her two daughters… the daughters were at least in their late twenties. Very lovely.
Off to see the Salvador Dali exhibition at the Bruckenthal Museum. It consisted of his prints, from the Purgatory, Inferno and Paradise series.

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