Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day 6 and it's a Friday

We all agreed to begin later today as 9am is too early so 10am it is. Down to the pink house to carry on with my hairy face.
This is how he's looking a little after lunchtime.
Our studio: 
working away

Anna in full teaching mode
Only half a day doing masks as we were taken to meet Ioana at the school where she has pupils who were taking part in a competition of icon painting at the Astra park museum. Lots of youngsters from maybe 7/8 years to around 17years were all taking part, giving presentations of their skill at traditional crafts. Weaving, masks, icon painting on glass and wood, corn dolly making and cross stitch. Really interesting and quite amazing work being produced by them all.
Pupil and tutor
Unfortunately it was raining the whole time. We did walk around the lake to give the students time to prepare themselves and start work. Too many incredible things to see! The park is an outdoor museum of traditional buildings from around Romania. Certain buildings were chosen and then dismantled, transported to the museum and reassembled exactly. All furniture, tools and suchlike were also brought.
As we were mainly there to see the presentations there was not enough time to take  a look at the buildings properly so we are going back to spend the day.

Here are two of the sculptures that dot around the place:

This is one of the many water wheels and the strange wooden contraption out front is a washing machine.

smoking area

I didn't say before, but all the youngsters and adults were in the traditional dress of the areas they came from. It looked amazing.

Anna in traditional garb

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