Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 5

Today was another early rise… comparatively speaking and off to make more masks. Our 5th colleague had her first experience of the masks although she is still recovering from the journey here. 
So the day was short and we were off home before 3pm. Walking in the heat of the day again though – I reckon we’ll get our timings sorted by the time we leave.

I finished my first mask and started another. Here are the two sides, 1st is front. It has been padded.

The next image is where I've just played around with the jawline, not sure what's happening but wasn't wanting a square jaw.

The girls finished their masks, they're looking brilliant. We have worked hard.

A stroll home in the baking sun, a wee siesta and then out for a wander in the main square. Where we saw kids playing with the water jets in the middle of the square, they shoot up then disappear so it's chance a soaking crossing through. A guy cycling up and down outside the cafe talking at everyone (no-one in particular) in Romanian so didn't have a clue what was being said although when he tried to do a wheelie and failed miserably (probably due to his bike being a very old and heavy one) I got the feeling he may have been drinking a little. 

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