Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 4

Today was a holiday due to it being a Saint's day, because of this a day trip was organised.
Walked to Ioana's house and there to rail station. Very glad we had someone who could speak Romanian because it was all a little confusing and I certainly would not have known which train to take.
 There was no platform as such so we had to wait until the train had gone to cross over.

So, off to Sibiul which was a half hour away and as the journey progressed we got more into the hills and country. From there a longish walk (there is a lot of walking in Romania), the weather was pleasant and had become slightly cooler near the hills but there was a dark cloud in the direction we were headed. Lots of land for sale.
The village came into view and we were welcomed by a famous fella.

Arrived at the museum of glass icon painting. Quite an amazing place, it houses the largest collection of icon paintings.
This is us all after we'd been inside the museum, and after the dark skies, thunder and rain. Off on a wander and it was so lovely to be out in the country. Most of the roads in the village are just stone inset in the ground, not shaped or in any pattern, but lumpy and bumpy. Definitely have to have good springs on your car. At one point an artic truck passed us with not a massive amount of room on either side and the road was getting narrower.

Stork's nest on top of telegraph pole, The underneath of the nest looks man-made so I'm assuming it was made for this purpose as it is in other countries. 
A walk around with a little rain which in actual fact was very pleasant, lots of photos and then a visit to Cafe Elena for a beer and some food.

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