Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Day 3

So, first day of 'work'.
We arrived at around 9am and had a coffee, were offered cake and biscuits.
Then we got down to it.
A sheet spread over the floor and explanations began, the best way by far was being shown.
Anna started making and Ioana interpreted although we all seem to be getting along quite well without a full interpretation.
The masks began:

 Here is mine at the very beginning. At this point I have tacked the two pieces together, chalked the eyes and mouth and then cut them out. Through these holes the face is stuffed. It's quite interesting in that you're never sure how it's really going to turn out.

  And now further on, tubes of material, stuffed and sewn on.

Here he is, much more added. I enjoyed doing the facial hair. The hat will eventually become sewn on and possibly a few more special pieces added.

It was a very productive and enjoyable day, we've been told we did about two days work in the one day so everyone very happy.

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