Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 2

We got a bit of a lie in today because we didn't meet our trainer/teacher til 12 o'clock. Still not quite landed properly.
Our tutor Ioana is starting her 8th month of pregnancy but I reckon has more energy than me even so.
Walked to her house (her mum and brothers live their too), chatting and baking in the heat.
None of us knowing what to expect but as it turns out it was a very easy day.
Coffee, cake and talking about the history of the masks making and glass icon painting.

Short version:
The masks are worn during dances and originate from an archaic, pre-Christian mentality. They protect the wearer by concealing their identity from evil spirits. The passing of one year into the next is a time when the threat of evil seemed impending, when one year dies and another forms to take it's place. So on New Year's Eve (Hogmany where I come from) the masks are donned. There are 3 types of masks; animal, old people and demonic.

During these explanations Ioana's mother, Anna (also our tutor) got out home-made plum brandy and the chat flowed a lot more easily from then on. It was, without doubt, easier to understand each other even though Anna maybe knows only a handful of English words.
A happy day was had by all and we got to leave early.
Off to one of the flats, food and then chillin'.

Glass icon painting explanation later.

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