Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 27 or last day

So, it's finally arrived, our last day. Well kind of because tomorrow we fly out but not until the evening so we get a wee wander around town for the medieval festival tomorrow too.
Today, it's off to pick up our glass, choose the mask we want to take home and say our goodbyes.
Off we trotted down to the pink house and I wish I'd worn shoes because my toes were cold, not liking that.
Photographed the paintings on the right side.

House pic
coloured pic

Here they are, drying out. We had to take them back to the flat which was interesting, walking back with two pieces of glass that couldn't be held properly because of the paint. Successful though.

Time to tidy up flat and start packing. Really hoping everything is going to fit. I have lots of breakable things but lots of bubble wrap.

A chilled out afternoon, partly waiting on the owner to visit with people to view the flat but no-one arrived, quite glad as I had a wee afternoon nap.

Off into town, to the Weinkeller, a lovely little restaurant (very romantic-but not that important to us), and we had a wonderful meal, wine and lots of chat. Ioana joined us for the dessert part which was one of the main reasons for going.
Then off to the medieval festival. Very crowded square but everyone having a good time. Little stalls selling the usual, leather goods (very good quality though), jewellery, sweets, food and beer.
The band sounded celtic which we did enjoy, spoke English to the crowd but not sure where they were from.

wizard float

They had a procession which went around the outer edges of the square with some of the performers waving and posing as they are supposed to do.

Before the procession
Not so easy to see but quite a spectacle.

We were waiting for the puppet to rise which we'd seen earlier today.

It did look odd as it lifted, partly because it showed quite a bit of bare thigh and as it lifted higher some people disappeared up between his legs.
in action

The puppet was amazing, I must admit though that I am spoiled for performances after having traveled with some of the best and seen them countless times. 

A guy did silks hanging from the forks and then a girl joined him for a little bit of doubles. It was a good show.
silks doubles

We had sat down earlier for a drink in one of the restaurants on the square and ended up in one of the best positions.

Tired now so home and getting comfy horizontally.

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