Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 25

Penultimate glass painting day, and quite eager to start painting.
Silence fell as we all got stuck in. Enjoying the houses, but really making a lot of it up so not sure how this is going to go, seems ok at the moment. This is how far I got today.
the painting in reverse
the front

I completely forgot to reverse the image before printing so it isn't as it would be in the square, and I've also changed a few of the windows.
On to the next image. This one is taken from a photo from one of the works we saw at the council tower by Bernardo Neumann, I have changed parts of it but couldn't come up with something myself in the short time available.
the back
Obviously it's difficult to see how this is going to be, wasn't able to take a photo as the paint was right up to the edges and couldn't turn it round.
But, looking forward to tomorrow when it's done.

Finished and back to the flat before 1pm, not sure quite what to do with myself now. Not such a great day, a bit spittery with rain and a little dull.

Mainly reading my kindle.

It's too soon to leave, much as I'd love to get back, I'm very much torn so another trip to Romania is definitely in order. I think next time I'll hire a car or drive over.

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