Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 1

So yesterday, we were met by Monica who walked us off our feet in the sun.
We can now find our way to each of the two flats, the fruit and veg market and the town centre.

The old town (centre) has amazing architecture as you might imagine, with the most obvious thing being that there are very small windows in the roofs which look like eyes.

There is a Salvador Dali exhibition on which we are definitely going to visit and a bit of a culture festival happening. I think we've missed the dancing but not the craftspeople, who will be working and holding workshops during the week and Saturday. I've spied a block of stone ready to be carved so heading that way soon, probably Wednesday as it is a Saint's day and we won't be working.

After our tour, we siesta'd (which they don't seem to do in Romania), then shopped at the market, and supermarket. Produce procured we ate, drank chilled beer and chatted. Feeling very blessed.

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