Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 18

Another morning…. the usual things happened, up, shower, breakfast, make packed lunch and off to walk to the pink house.
Glass awaits!

proper side

This is the point that I'd got to yesterday, The dark red bits were done then so that today I'll be able to paint straight over them with gold.

Yesterday's post showed the image on the painted side, today you get to view the proper side. (paint was dry enough to turn it around)

Today I really began to see a change, because so much of the fiddly bits were painted yesterday, it was on with the larger areas. RED, lots of it, some light, some dark and on it goes. Whew! feel like this is beginning to look ok.

red nearly done

Another day of wearing my glasses all the time, trying to get used to not looking through them when checking colours from the print.

Then I did a lot of green, then skin colour, and then……
I got to move onto the gold, boy does that change the image.
The gold is a powder that has linseed oil added then a colour if you want, I used Esme's left over gold and she'd added yellow and I preferred that tone.

At the end of the painting day my glass icon painting is looking like this.
painted side
proper side

Got back to the flat about 2.30pm, another short day but still feel tired after the concentration, possibly the smells of paint, linseed and diutent too.

So should be finished this tomorrow and we get to start one of our own design.
I'm thinking of making up a wee drawing with the old houses of Sibiu as their theme, the doors and eyes in the roof. So that is my next project.

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