Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 15

Sunday, and today I could not be bothered getting out of bed. Definitely a lounging day.
Had a tea and a little breakfast and read a lot, fabulous.

Eventually, I decided to wander into town, not sure what to see but just to wander. Quite busy.
I went through Piata Mare,

Piata Mare

Piata Mica
down Str. Bruckenthal, past Piata Mica and on into Piata Huet.

Saw some gorgeous old houses.

and passed by the journeyman's house,
outside of which is this amazing sculpture/totem.
erected 2004
Not sure how much of it was there at the beginning and how much added later.

I found the bridge of lies and have now been over it but not under it. 
Ha, got to leave something for another day.

Stopped for a lovely pizza in the square and back to the flat and my book.

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