Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 14

2 weeks…. how did that happen?

After the walk yesterday it was a bit of a lazy start, or we tried to but next door decided to discuss something loudly at 6am this morning as well as a bit of singing by the guy.
Still, quite relaxed morning, postcards sent off, met up with Martin (Grampus Heritage) and got a lift from him to the Astra Museum (
15-17th Aug they are holding the 'Festivalul National Al Traditiilor Populare', and we are exhibiting our masks there for the three days. Thanks to Anna and Ioana for setting up our display and looking after it while in traditional costume. Obviously they have their own masks and icon paintings there but very happy to be exhibiting.

We had a little walk around again, had to eat, and then strolled back and bought a few lovely items. There were so many beautiful things for sale but the ones I'd really like are too expensive and too big to go in the case. Ach well, c'est la vie.

naive sculpture
apple press

These are a few of the things seen, I think I mentioned the sculptures in an earlier post, still more I haven't shown.
I'm sure the sign said apple press but possibly could be for other fruits too.

Still haven't seen all the different buildings so a third visit is in order but it will be when there are no other places to be or people to meet. 

This little tree hut looked very cute, not sure it's exact purpose but blends in well with the trees. 

There were lots of buildings up into the trees but haven't made it to them all to check them out properly.

Love the shade of green here as well.

 One of the smaller houses, we were up the steps and onto the balcony, quick as you like, then peace descended. Very small but cosy and cool behind the vines. Couldn't get into the room or see in, which was a shame.

As you may have noticed the last lot of doors, I do like them so here's another one.

There is a great deal of charm when building, doors, windows, etc, are made to fit but in a slightly higgledy piggledy way. Totally original, unique and made by hand.

The traditional crafts we saw have this beauty as well, hand-made things have love built in.

So, back onto the path and I bought some lovely carved spoons from a guy who'd we'd stopped at previously. He'd explained the symbolism behind the different designs and even written them out in english. Thee had been some just as nice and occasionally better but I think he deserved the trade for his time and manner.


This guy could play all the instruments he'd made, lovely sound and yes they are like bagpipes.
Looking smart

Then there were a few drops of rain and we helped pack the masks away and got a lift home which was perfect.

Off out in a few minutes, into town to meet up with Martin and Monica again.

Had a lovely meal out just off the big square and plenty laughs. Caught a little of the opera, The Barber of Seville which was being performed in Piata mare. Here it is backstage right.

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