Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day 10 or the beginning of mask 3

It was so hot last night… sorry to all who aren't but it did make sleep a little restless.
Woke early to the lady, either upstairs or next door watering the small garden out front. She has a plastic cup that she dips into a water filled container and empties over the plants so carefully, delicately.
Made salad for lunch and then the usual shower to refresh myself.
Off to the pink house for around 10, found the girls already hard at work finishing off their masks.
I only had the ears to make and attach before the 2nd mask was done.
Megan modeling mask
Then straight into mask number 3.

whizzing eyes

I am really enjoying making this one (not that I didn't on the others), I think because I understand the technique now. I did also get a little help from Anna who sewed up my eyes before I stuffed them.
Lunch over and back in there.
Today Anna let us see Youtube clips of the traditional dances, costumes and masks. (technicalities by her son).
It did make me understand the use of the masks more which I feel helps when fabricating them.

Here it is at the end of the sewing day, the hair isn't actually fixed properly but you get the idea.

Then it was a short walk home and we decided to head off to the veg market for supplies. 5pm but it was really too hot for me, although we arrived back arms about dropping off. Fridge filled and time to relax.

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