Thursday, 14 August 2014


So, I'm sure you are now all getting the gist of these titles. It is now Thursday and we have been finishing masks. Tomorrow there is going to be an exhibition (kind of) of all the professional makers work at the Astra Museum where the students presented their work.
WE….. get to show our masks as well, really chuffed! it's quite an honour really because these folk have been producing traditional pieces for years and we've just arrived.

I finished my small mask, had so much fun doing it, possibly because it was so small and easier to complete each piece of the face. Anyway, a great day but too hot, we were, as Kyna puts it, 'leaking', a completely fair description of our state of affairs. A problem that we didn't anticipate was that our hands  were so sweaty it was difficult to keep sewing, had to keep washing our hands to cool down. We persevered.
Here is my small mask:
To give you an idea of size… it's about 23cm high and as you can see, not much different wide.

After lunch, back to the finishing and Vik and Esme were finished their 3rd mask and went off to do other stuff. I decided to stay, partly to keep the girls company and partly because Vik had spotted, and Anna had shown me this very wee mask.

So of course i decided to copy and make my own, really enjoyed it. So lovely to just make things without having an agenda.
Not quite the same but along the same lines. I think I'm going to be making some more on my return to Scotland.

My wee man

The consensus was to eat together, thank you Vik for cooking, and we had a lovely evening eating, listening to some music and chatting.

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