Friday, 15 August 2014

2nd Friday or day 13

Mountain day… today we got packed lunches together and off down to the pink house we went. It had rained last night so it was a little cooler. All into the red mini bus and off up to  Balea Lac - Transfagarasan. Balea Lac is a glacier lake at 2,034m in the Fagaras Mountains in central Romania, in Sibiu County.The journey was fine up until we got to the mist, and boy I really mean mist. All the way up the incredibly windy road as it climbed higher and higher there was white instead of a view. It did become quite scary sometimes because it was like looking out onto nothing but also knowing there was a really BIG drop.
photo from internet because too misty

We stopped at a place where you can see a waterfall (if there's no mist), lots of tourist shacks and very busy. This was also the place to get the cable car up to Balea Lac.

Here it is almost arriving.
So… a few of us decided to walk up to the next lake, which we were told was an easy walk. (hmmm?)
Very glad I did though, the views were the best I've seen in a long time.
Looking down onto our drop off point
further up

This pathway, well, there was a kind of path but I'm glad our driver, Mario, lent me a stick to go with. It came invaluable for balance and a wee helping hand here and there.
Kyna at the top

There were higher spots but it was the top of the path and it led to the other lake. 
Of course we had to check it out.
To the other lake

Kyna and Megan braved the cold and plunged in.

Quite the most incredible views, I would love to come back but better prepared with tent, proper walking gear and explore the mountains much more. we did see people camping at the 2nd lake which Is called Capra Lac.

On the way up and back down we stopped for photo opportunities, otherwise known as a rest. It was an odd feeling being able to see so clearly (apart from the mist of course), the far mountains appeared distant and near at the same time. A strange perspective of being big and incredibly small too.
far mountains

the shepherd

As we walked up the hill the sheep were coming down from one mountain and we met them as they moved across the path. Some very cute sheep, none of the large, overbred breeds we see.

The shepherd had a few dogs and himself to control the sheep. Very clever.

And… down.
A wee feed, trip to the facilities for a comfort break and back off home.
Before that we had to have a photo.

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