Friday, 22 August 2014

20 days and counting

As promised, today you get to see the front of my icon painting.
Saint Nicholas

Really pleased with how it turned out although of course now I can see how I could have done it better, roll on the next one.

A very interesting process, which I'm very glad I've learned. An immense lesson in patience as well.

Those who'd finished went out with Ioana to visit the glass cutters and we now have something to paint our next images on. The workshop was amazing, would love one myself. Although I'd have more shelves and less massive pieces of glass. Not having to be structured with our sizes we kind of made do with some of the pieces already cut, so I reckon that's why we got some extra pieces free. Happy days.
Oops, now Vik and I are going to have to find two images to paint instead of one.

After that it was into town and a wee wander.

gorgeous stone door frame
Pizza and chat before the other's went to the Dali Exhibition and I went off on my own for a bit. Came across this door frame nearby the journeyman's house. Love it.
Was a little less sunny today, making it much more pleasant to wander.
Into a church in the Piata Mara, looked lovely although there was an air of distress, which I think is probably more a feeling I got from watching the people in there pray, didn't want to stay because it felt as if I was intruding in someone else's space and emotional time out.

Off to the art shop, got some gold powder so I can now paint on glass at home…. yippee.
We visited a beautiful little place down some stairs that led off some other stairs.

chillin', choosing wine
view from stairs

The bar inside had lovely little brick arches and felt very cosy but much preferred the outside. There were oil burners going and the smell was beautiful. Up the stairs which I hadn't noticed on the way down were all these heads that had been made by the same artist who made my lady.

heads in pot
3 heads in a pot

Each one of these is different as you would expect but oh so special.

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