Tuesday, 19 August 2014

17 days

Day 2 of painting on glass, and some corrections to be made from yesterday, scratching away the ink where it was too thick or over lines. Took a little while but definitely made a difference. Ioana added a few bits of ink, mainly around the eyes on my figures but all in all, fine or 'bine'.
Really noticing the difference in concentration needed for this as opposed to the masks although there is more copying involved in the painting and more freestyle design involved in the mask-making.

We all have a little pallet, glass or tile to add the paint to. In this case we're using oils, linseed oil and a dilutent so that the paint will dry quicker.
After the black outlines of yesterday we have moved onto the highlights and shading. Tomorrow will be more exciting because we get to block in large areas of colour, looking forward to that.

So here is my painting at the moment.
Please remember he is back to front.

St. Nicholas
We left fairly early because after that layer of paint is on, there is no more painting til it's had a chance to dry.
Back to flat and a wee chill, loving my kindle.

Off into town with Vik and a wee wander to find a certain artisan shop, which we found. A wander around the squares, Bridge of Lies and some lovely scenery.
Bridge of Lies
and closer

2nd hand shop

There are 2nd hand shops all over but not so easy to spot as this one, usually the signs are small, certainly not like our charity shops.

It is mostly clothes and be prepared to rummage, I've found a couple of pieces so far.

Then a seat and people watching from the restaurant in the big square.
Which starts the next wee tale. Ordered some drinks and tried to order food but the waitress left before I'd finished so went up to find her and make sure order was correct. As far as I knew it was. Vik's food arrived and another plate which consisted of cheese and lots of meat. Not what I ordered, "Pardon", the plate was taken away and eventually after Vik had finished her meal by a bit, mine arrived, which was what I ordered. Patience is a virtue as they say but it would be nice to eat at the same time.

shoe alley

I saw this scene through a gate, should have taken a photo of the gate and entrance as well as through the gate but people were giving me odd looks as it was. (doesn't always bother me but today a little)

And I found another door I like…….

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