Sunday, 27 November 2011


It's that time again.
I've once more gone over my essay and I think now it is finally finished. whew!
It doesn't seem to matter how much I do before assessment, I always think that I haven't done enough. Making sheets up of photos to show the progression of my sculpture, sorting through the sketchbooks...... I still feel nervous.
There's always the feeling that I could have done more. Actually, I could always do more.
Trying to get used to that feeling that if I was really good (or if this really is my path in life), I would want to be drawing, painting, sculpting all the time.....and I don't.
Sometimes I want to run away from it all and hide... not possible I know.
Maybe time to express that feeling... escaping from life, getting away from myself, space!!!!

More on this later.

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