Tuesday, 18 October 2011


This is now part of a small exhibition at uni.
In its display case, it looks like something you'd see in a museum... feels very good.

A close-up. I tried to make it look good from all different angles and I think I managed although given a little more time I would have sanded away a few filing marks.
For a second piece, I'm more than happy but now want to do more.
In a way, I think doing the next one will be difficult because this one turned out so well. Also I didn't have to pay for the stone, that would definately put more pressure on me. A piece of stone the size I began with would possibly cost £50..... A fair amount.
I haven't named it yet as nothing springs to mind, a bit of thought required.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

sculpture photos

Here it is finally finished and displayed in a wee exhibition at uni.
This is the small soapstone carving I did to as an experiment.

The reverse of above.

Next post has pictures of the large soapstone carving. Due to demonstrating my understanding of carving and that I worked safely, I was allowed a large piece of soapstone.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

more sculpture

Sorry folks but forgot to take a photo of my stone sculpture, got too involved in making it.
Tomorrow I will be taking a few shots.
After finishing the plaster figure in a hoop, I was allowed to choose a piece of soapstone.
It's a lovely stone to carve being on the softer side than most.
The finishing touches are done with small files.
New tools are 'rifflers' which are files to use with plaster and stone. Ah yes, a photo would help here.

These are fabulous for gettin those lovely curves.
My carving is now at the stage for sanding, using wet & dry sandpaper.
Very messy but leaves a smooth, tactile surface.
Elbow grease and perseverance is a must.

Monday, 3 October 2011

the sculpture is coming on... this is almost there but needs smoothing out and making some areas more distinctive.

I've mostly enjoyed making this, but have had time when I just wasn't sure where to go and what exactly needed fixing to make it look right. Perseverence, some help from the tutor and lots of messy plaster and it now is getting to fine details. The waiting around for the plaster to be at the correct consistency is slightly irritating but gives plenty time for inspection of where to put the stuff.
Looking forward to tomorrow and more refining.