Saturday, 10 September 2011

back at uni

Not been very insired lately... in fact a lack of self confidence is at the fore.
That will most definately change, hopefully sooner rather than later.
We had a wee meeting about our modules and to be honest I left more confused than before I went.
Got to check the online information.
I've gathered quite a few photos, written research and even a few pages in my sketchbook but feel I should have done more, life kind of gets in the way.
For a few weeks now I've wanted to run a way and hide in a lovely place by the sea (not sure where yet), a lot of good books and art stuff. This isn't going to happen in the near future , reckon I need to find the place first and make it a reality... west coast scotland is very possible, an island is equally an idea. Add to that, good food and wine. A wee idyll away from technology and any responsibilities.
Hmm! liking this idea more and more.
Soon I'll be adding ideas (pictures) from my brief.

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