Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Agnes Martin

This piece is called 'Gratitude'

This one is 'Faraway Love'

This is called 'Stars'

Agnes Martin came up in one of our essay questions, so I had a wee look and I like her work.
She's classed as 'Minimalist', for obvious reasons but there is an organic nature in her drawings/paintings.
She uses paint and graphite.
Many of these works are 6' by 6' and the lines are drawn by hand, which gives them an aliveness.
I'd love to see them in real life because I reckon they'll be quite inspiring.
After doing a little research into the 'Minimalists', Ifind that I'm drawn to the work.
I've been thinking a little about how to express space - to convey the feeling of being happy alone with myself, able to spread out, relax and breathe easily..... without stress, without feeling that I should be, ought to be, must... be doing!
These works go some way towards that.

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