Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Time's moving on..

It's a rainy day and this perfectly reflects my mood, dull, dreich and a bit miserable.
To counteract the day, I'm going out into it.
Some live greyness and a bit o fresh air will I'm sure work wonders.
Failing that, returning for a lovely cup o tea certainly will.

Have written out my biog blurb for the exhibition. Haven't got a clue if it's ok.
and I don't seem to be able to type today.. ach foooey!

Have plans to start another painting to cheer me up and get on with some research for our Uni brief.
Signed and titled all my prints yesterday, so another ticked box.
It's happening!!!

Back from town, wet but much happier.
Met up with Sharon and Amanda, the other reprobates that make up 'Something Palatable'. Good to talk things through and chill a little.
Task for this afternoon is write up cards for artworks,
Hmm!....... think I'll write a rough version first and then copy.

On another pleasant note.
Went to the recyclers and they have canvas stratchers for sale. Some lovy and big too.
Got three medium sized but have to get at least one big.
must, must, must !!!

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