Thursday, 4 August 2011

raining and flyering

Yup, it's been a rainy and foggy day but we have persevered and completed our mission for the day.
Getting the flyers for our exhibition up in Montrose. Quite a good reception so far, checked out the space again and had a lovely cup o' tea.
Found some lace curtains for my kitchen window so no more getting looked in on by folk chatting up top.
was given a frame for a canvas, now gotta learn how to stretch canvas on it.
all good really, now eaten and having some chamomile tea and contemplating the next thing...
I reckon it's back in the art room.

Been looking out more circus pics so more of them will be onging.
Artois the troll
This mask was for a character I did a few years ago now, but the head is still keeping me company as I sit at my computer. It was made first form clay, then covered with celastic( I think that's how it's spelt),then bolstered with kitchen cloths and filler. The whole thing is attached to a bicycle helmet.

and this sculpture I love, it is in a friend's sisters garden and is by Walenty Pytel.....

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