Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hello again

Yes, I've been away for ages.
Completed first year uni and I love it!
hard work but roll on sept and the start of the new.

During this last year I've probably done less drawing than at college
learnt loads.
Thanks to all at Dundee College for teaching me,
this year would have been much more difficult otherwise.

Short version.

masses of work completed over the year,
drawing, painting, sculpture and
more than anything,
mind twisting......
incredible what the brain can come up with.
many lectures of an art history variety which was fascinating.
and talks from folks so we could make up our minds in which direction
our degree would take.
lots of briefs, lots of other students.
ideas passed around.
mini exhibitions held with a few drinks and laughs.

all in all, a great first year.

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